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2023 Fall Mini Shoots!

It’s my favorite time of the year – time for Bay Area Fall Mini Shoots!

Mini shoots are the PERFECT option for family photos or holiday card photos.

This year I’m offering FIVE dates as well as morning and evening options! Below are past shoots at each of the locations this year, except for auburn which will be a new spot this year! I’m also so excited to offer Moss Beach this year, which is a new option for mini shoots. Due to timing, they are super limited so book early!

Sunday 9/10 – Moss Beach

Sunday 9/17 – Concord

Saturday 10/14 – Oakland

Saturday 10/14 – Lafayette

Saturday 11/4 – Auburn

This is actually a new location for me this year! I will be scouting for the best amount of trees changing colors!

Sunday 11/5 – Pleasant Hill

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my pictures back?

All photos are ready 1 month after your shoot! Rush editing is available for $100, your pictures will be delivered in 48 hours!

How much do they cost?

I have a number of different options, ranging from $230 to $450. Although inflation has hit all of us hard this year (especially us as small businesses!) I chose not to raise my prices to continue to see all the lovely families from years past and out of interest of people being able to afford family photos!

What do we wear?

You are welcome to wear anything! I always recommend choosing a neutral color and 2 complementing colors that will provide options for the whole family! Sample palettes are [navy, maroon, white] [maroon, olive, tan] [peach, dusty blue, cream]. This is the easiest way to look cohesive without matching! If you want input, totally email me! I’m always happy to provide my opinion on what photographs best. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel good and comfortable in it! I love creating natural looking imagery, which typically includes walking and moving so please wear shoes that are able to be moved around in!

My kids are crazy and that makes me nervous!

That’s okay! I hear this SO frequently from parents and your kids are always totally fine! The biggest tip I have is to let them be wild and not get frustrated with them. I have a plethora of tricks up my sleeve to funnel their energy into cute and authentic imagery, and when parents get frustrated it can quickly turn into a melt down. Being photographed can feel uncomfortable and awkward for anyone, and kids typically express emotions a little less clearly than us. Sometimes we just have to take some pictures playing or exploring to warm them up to the camera before we get the perfect smiling ones! There is also something to be said for looking back at your child sweetly clutching their FAVORITE doll when they are older and don’t care about it anymore! I have captured imagery of everything from Woody being part of the family to a sweet babe that was obsessed with garbage trucks – all of these memories are such a part of your growing family and so, so valid! Let your kids warm up slower to the camera and I promise I will capture memories that are worth saving!

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August 10, 2023

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Dirt, Pearls, and Curls

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