Dirt, Pearls, and Curls

Welcome! I'm Marissa.

I love horses and espresso, but sometimes iced coffee too. I like red wine and craft beer. I love the idea of having wind in your hair, but realistically hate the way wind feels. I can probably quote every episode of Seinfeld and The Office

I love traveling. In fact, below you can see my travel schedule if you want to book a portrait shoot outside of Northern California! For weddings, I LOVE destination weddings and am happy to book any within the United States.

My photography journey started when I was around 15. My first camera was a 1970's Canon AE-1. I used it to shoot black and white film. I also developed my film by hand and used the dark room to print all of my images out! These days, I shoot mostly digital but still work with some black and white film.

I was born in sunny San Diego but spent most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. I now split my time between the East Bay area and the absolutely stunning Grass Valley area! This gives me the unique opportunity to offer shoots from the South Bay Area all the way up to Tahoe.

The coolest thing about being a photographer is the ability to capture these amazing memories. If you've ever lost someone important to you, I suspect you were able to find joy in seeing photographs. I fully cherish the photographs I have of my loved ones. I have a background in photojournalism, and I use my training to help create and foster authentic and genuine moments and posing.

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Dirt, Pearls, and Curls

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