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Favorite East Bay Area Shoot Locations

Alright alright alright!

You are ready to book your photoshoot – now comes the specifics! I may be biased, but I think California is incredibly beautiful. How can you choose a location for your photoshoot when there are so many pretty things to see?

Well, good news is that I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. Welcome to some of my favorite outdoor locations for photoshoots in and around the Bay Area! I have spent hours upon hours looking at google maps, driving and hiking to find these ideal spots. For that reason, directions and exact locations are released upon booking.

All of the below Bay Area locations are available with NO travel fees! However, if you are feeling a little adventurous and want to take this photoshoot on the road (perhaps Big Sur? Tahoe? JOSHUA TREE??) let me know and we can figure out all the good specifics! I love road trips!

I often have people ask me about the numerous parks and open spaces in the Bay Area that are owned by East Bay Regional Park District. EBRPD requires a permit to shoot professional photography in ANY of their parks. The permit is a $150 fee and requires at least a month of lead time. Please let me know if you are interested in this option, I am happy to obtain a permit!

Pleasant Hill #1

I love this location! It’s somewhere I used to go when growing up, and it offers some really gorgeous views of the East Bay. It’s dog-friendly, but a bit tricky to park and can require some walking.

Pleasant Hill #2

Such a nice location! Easy parking and access, and gorgeous light throughout the year. This location can be great for families with small kids 🙂

Lafayette, California

This is a mini-shoot favorite of mine! With gorgeous views of the hills and a stunning sunset, this location is always a great option!

Oakland, California

This is such a fun location! There is a bit of stair-climbing involved, so it’s not recommended for anyone who might be concerned about mobility. Basically – it’s this huge beautiful staircase in the redwoods of Oakland! It’s reminiscent of something from old Europe!

P.S. yes, the below pictures are of Raheem Mostert and his family – star San Francisco 49ers running back #31!

Walnut Creek #1

This is another favorites for my mini session dates! Super rustic, with a few cacti and tractors, this place has charm!

This location loses light super early, so a little earlier of a start time is a must here!

Walnut Creek #2

Rolling hills and beautiful views make this one of my absolute favorite portrait locations. Please note that there is a $10 travel fee for this location.

This location does require a little bit of driving and I typically don’t recommend it for families with small children.

This location often has unpredictable yet overwhelmingly stunning sunsets. In the below shoot, a thick fog had settled over the Bay Area and I thought for sure we wouldn’t end up with a sunset. However, the sun broke through and lit up the fog like an orange blanket had been laid across us. It was truly spectacular.

Concord, California

This location is great for someone who wants something quick and easy. Easy parking, paved trails and a little bit of redwoods makes this location a breeze to navigate. Great for families with smaller kids. This location loses light a little bit earlier due to the amount of trees and typically needs a bit of an earlier start time.

Of course, I also LOVE to travel outside of the Bay Area! There are SUCH beautiful options in the greater Northern California area. Travel fee’s depend on scheduling and location.

Lodi, California ($25 fee)

This location is killer! A sweet little winery in Lodi that has beautiful light and some super cool rustic buildings. This location does close a little early (5pm) so depending on the time of year, golden hour sessions may not be available.

Tahoe, California ($75 fee)

Tahoe is ALWAYS a yes in my book! Summer or winter, North Lake or South Lake, Tahoe is incredibly beautiful. Please note that a few locations in Tahoe can require an additional permit or parking fee.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area is BEAUTIFUL. I’m lightweight obsessed with saguaro cactus. They are insane up close! Luckily, my sister lives in Scottsdale and I visit every other month or so. Therefor, I am happy to book shoots in Scottsdale with NO travel fees as long as your dates are flexible and accommodate my travel schedule 🙂

January 27, 2020

  1. dublaj says:

    These are gorgeous! That colorway perfectly compliments the pattern. Marlene Kincaid Nerty

  2. Timmela ross says:

    The Oakland shoot you have posted , where is that located ?

  3. Birti says:

    Hi there! Love your photography! I was wondering where the Walnut Creek #2 is located. I would love to check out the place.

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